1417 Firebush Drive

From the Street  Jami in front of house.jpg (78695 bytes)  September 10, 2001


Garage  Guestroom  Living Room  Steven in Master Bedroom  Study

July 27, 2001: We have decided to buy this house! Very exciting, of course, but also scary. Steven and I will keep you updated with pictures and commentary.

August 1, 2001: The insulation has been added to the walls of the house. Little by little, progress is being made.

August 5, 2001:  We had a pleasant surprise on Saturday... the sheetrock was being installed when we dropped by the house. Check out these new pics!

View from entry.jpg (31011 bytes)  Steven in living room.jpg (39968 bytes)

August 10, 2000:  We now have a tentative close date... September 25.  Hopefully things will work out and we will get a closing date in October.

August 11, 2001:  The brick is up!!  Wow, this stuff moves fast.  The cabinets have been installed as well as the trim and molding.  When I peeked into one of the closets, I found paint.  I wonder what the next step is?  Hmmmm...

August 14, 2001:  The inside of the house has been painted!  Check out the pictures with the cabinets, brick, molding and trim.

cabinets in kitchen.jpg (60967 bytes)  Kitchen with cabinets.jpg (55381 bytes)  Front with brick.jpg (78817 bytes)  Fireplace with mantle.jpg (42822 bytes)  Utility room.jpg (51189 bytes)

September 10, 2001:  It's been awhile, but we are hopefully back on track with the house.  A lot has changed in the last month, so check out the pictures.  Here's a list of what has been done: ceramic tile installed, light fixtures installed, electricity turned on, appliances installed, and front door and garage door painted. 

The closing date is now set for October 16... seems that it is right around the corner!

dining room from kitchen.JPG (41557 bytes)  kitchen from living room.JPG (53710 bytes)  second bathroom1.jpg (34373 bytes)  Steven in kitchen.JPG (73053 bytes)  Utility room2.JPG (54970 bytes)  Backporch.JPG (78358 bytes)  backyard.jpg (79203 bytes)

October 15, 2001:  Well, the closing date was moved to October 18.  So, we have a few more days to pack and wait.  We are up to our ears in boxes and my uncle Scott has been able to commiserate with us numerous times.  Happy Closing Scott!  We should become the owners of new homes on the same day! 

I went for the final walk-through today and the house looks great.  The sod is in as are the trees and shrubs.  Makes a huge difference.  We will put more pictures up soon.