Twin Falls, Idaho

In February, 2002 I spent four weeks in the beautiful state of Idaho, training new hires in Dell's Idaho technical support call center.  In addition to working really long hours and experiencing the coldest temperatures of my life,  I saw some breathtaking views that just blew me away.  Enjoy the pictures.

To read the local news in Twin, check out the Times-News web page. 

The flight to Salt Lake City

flight1.jpg (105082 bytes)  flight2.jpg (109458 bytes)  flight5.jpg (128124 bytes)  Where did all of the mountains go?

Check out my new digs!

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Here's my class... one of the nicest groups of people you could meet.

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Check out these pics of the Snake River Canyon.  It took my breath away.

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Aren't these beautiful flowers?  Happy Valentine's Day!

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It's my last weekend here and we took a short little trip to the Sawtooth National Forest.  Mark (a Twin Falls trainer), his son, Heston, Neal and I went to see a "house" that a hermit carved into the stone wall of the mountain.  We then went further up the mountains so we could play in the snow. 

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Today, my last sightseeing day, I went to Sun Valley, ID.  It was really beautiful with tons of snow everywhere. We also went north of Sun Valley/Ketchum to Galena Summit and then down the other side.  It was gorgeous and we got snowed on as we approached the summit!

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